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PRG Straplock System

Model #: RGSL10
Price: $9.75 On Sale: $10.97

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Qty Model Finish Price
RGSL10 Chrome $10.97
RGSL10S Satin Chrome $15.14
RGSL20 Black $11.19
RGSL20S Satin Black $16.45
RGSL30 Gold $14.81
RGSL30S Satin Gold $20.40
RGSL40 Nickel $10.97
RGSL40S Satin Nickel $15.14
RGSL50 Black Nickel $11.19
RGSL60 Antique Silver $13.49
RGSL70 Antique Bronze $13.49

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Product Description

Protect your axe from gravity! The PRG Strap Lock System assures you don't have to fret about dropping your cherished stringed instrument. Set includes two ProRockGear Straplocks.